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Crowd sourcing is the act of sourcing tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals to an undefined large group of people or community (crowd) through an open call. The concept of crowd sourcing depends essentially on the fact that because it is an open call to an undefined group of people, it gathers those who are most fit to perform tasks, solve complex problems and contribute with the most relevant and fresh ideas.

Crowd funding (sometimes called crowd financing, crowd sourced capital, or street performer protocol) describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowd funding occurs for any variety of purposes, from disaster relief to citizen journalism to artists seeking support from fans, to political campaigns, to funding a startup company or small business or creating free software.

Below are a few web sites to help with crowd sourcing and crowd funding when you have a special project.

  1. Crowdrise
  2. Kickstarter
  3. IndieGoGo
  4. OpenIDEO
  5. ioby
  6. StartSomeGood
  7. Microplace
  8. Causes

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